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Whitewater Rafting in Costa Rica

Whitewater Rafting in Costa Rica… Are you brave enough?

Well I certainly didn’t think I was brave enough, but then I was told by my family that we were going whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River and that was it: No discussion.
Okay, I admit it — I was scared. I had visions of me falling out of the boat within seconds and disappearing off down the rapids, never to be seen again. For 10 years I had avoided whitewater rafting like the plague.

No Way Back.

And now the day had come… at the very least I thought my breakfast would feed the fish and was wondering where on my body I could safely put my health insurance card. It was sure to be needed…
Our rafting guides came to meet us looking so professional it made me even more nervous. I was going to let the whole team down, for sure. Then began the safety briefing and the phrases we had to learn to follow the guides instructions once we were on the river.
We got our kit on: life-jacket, helmet (eek!) and were handed our paddles. I didn’t like to mention that I was no dab hand with a paddle.
And then we were in the raft, floating down the Pacuare River. No way back now.

The Adventure begins…

At first it was all very gentle and I wondered why I really needed to wear a life-jacket.
I was about to find out.
Suddenly ahead of us I could see big boulders and white water rushing between them. We were about to take on our first rapid. My heart was in my mouth.
The guide shouted ‘Lean In’and I remembered the briefing and so leaned in impressively — my head was almost touching the bottom of the raft.

Leaning IN!

I will never forget the phrase ‘Lean In!’ as long as I live.
And then we were in it — swirling water, a rush of adrenaline and we were out the other side… and I was still in the raft: Brilliant.

I’m still in the raft!

The relief was quickly followed by euphoria: I could do this. (Well I have to admit that the guides are SO good that almost anyone can do it — they are such experts.)
I wasn’t scared. I was exhilarated.
One rapid followed another until we were almost blase about the Class II to Class III rapids but more excitement was just a few metres on: our first Class IV rapid.

Here we go! Class IV Rapid

Ooffff … So we went head into the Class IV rapid and I leaned in with everything I had, paddling like mad when instructed. It was SO exciting! I really never thought I would say that.

A high five after our most impressive rapid: What a Team!

There are plenty of blogs and websites on whitewater rafting in Costa Rica but this blog is especially for those of you like me who think they are just not brave enough. You are.
My only regret was that I waited so long to go whitewater rafting: it was one of the most exciting days of my life so far.

I did it! Cooling off afterwards was sublime

And just as an added plus: whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River is also incredibly beautiful.

Floating in the canyon on the Pacuare River.

So now that you know you’re brave enough, what are you waiting for?
Take a look below at some of the superb companies that offer Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica. My favorite is where you can also stay overnight at their lodge and raft 2 days. Highly recommended: Even for scared cats like me.

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