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Do all houses have internet access?

Yes, all our houses have fast and pretty reliable WiFi.

Is Geckoes Lodge pet friendly?

We love pets – we have 3 dogs and 2 cats ourselves. But only in Casa Lirio do we allow dogs, and require them to be on a leash when in the garden, to safeguard the wildlife. We gladly make an exception for service dogs – please let us know beforehand.

Can I have a party at Geckoes Lodge?

You could, if you’d rent all of our houses 🙂 But mostly, we want our guests to be able to relax and enjoy nature at Geckoes Lodge. That means we have quiet hours between 9pm and 7am.

Is it more expensive if we book our tours with you?

No, we don’t charge anything extra – you will pay exactly the same amount as if you’d book directly with the provider. We do get a small commission from tour operators.

Are mosquitoes a problem?

No special precautions are required. Just apply some mosquito repellent at sundown.
All beds are supplied with mosquito nets and bedrooms have overhead fans and a standing fan.

Does open plan living mean you share your house with unwanted wildlife?

No, the gravel paths around each house are there for a reason. They are unattractive to most wildlife, especially snakes. Hummingbirds frequently fly through the living room though. Should anything else sneak in, we are right here to come to the rescue!

What electricity system does Costa Rica use?

110 volts and you can use all appliances with an adapter.

Do the houses have airconditioning?

No. We completely understand your question, though. We are in the tropics, after all 🙂
But there is no need to worry: all bedrooms and living rooms have fans. Moreover, the houses are constructed in a way to let the heat out through the ceiling and to take maximum advantage of the cool evening breeze. Guests generally find the temperature at night perfect, and sometimes even use a blanket.

How about using my credit cards?

You can use both Visa cards and Mastercard (and a lot of debit cards) at the ATM in Puerto Viejo, and credit cards are also accepted in most shops and restaurants.

Can you drink the water?

The water at Geckoes Lodge is safe to cook, and we provide free mineral water for drinking in the form of 18L bottles. Bring your refillable bottle and help the planet!

Why don’t the houses have a television?

We consider the lack of a television to be a luxury.

Do I need malaria pills for my trip to Geckoes?

No. There is no known malaria on this coast.