Wildlife week

Loads of wildlife

Caribbean Costa Rica is justly famous for its spectacular beaches, rainforest and loads of wildlife.

Howler monkeys swinging through the canopy, sloths hanging around, toucans nibbling on palm fruits, poison dart frogs happily hopping through the leaves and pelicans swooping over the waves.

You get the picture.

The South Caribbean is the best place to see a variety of wildlife without sacrificing comfortable accommodation, good restaurants and gorgeous beaches. At Geckoes you are surrounded by nature. Our houses make viewing easy and comfortable. You can spot animals from your porch, living area, kitchen or even your bedroom.

And there is more!

Imagine a holiday where you live a new wildlife adventure each day.
We’ve put together a Wildlife Week with a variety of choices.
– A group of friends looking for a vacation full of wildlife experiences?
– A family considering a wildlife adventure catered to small children?
– A couple with their mind set on relaxing and photography?
We’ve got you covered!

With our local knowledge, we tailor an itinerary that suits like a glove. And the best part: it won’t cost you a dollar more than if you arrange it all by yourself.

Ready for a Wildlife Week ?
We’ll help you organize it. All you have to do is live it!

Mail us for info.