Geckoes Lodge is situated on Margarita Road in Cocles, 3 kilometres south of the village of Puerto Viejo and 1 kilometre inland.

Puerto Viejo stretches along the the south Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and encompasses the neighbourhoods of Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Punta Uva and Manzanillo, where the road ends.

The small settlement of Cocles has numerous restaurants and supermarkets and easy access to the beach. Quiet and relaxed Cocles has home to both locals and foreigners and has arguably the best restaurant on this coast!

Although each neighbourhood has its own character, the entire area has a distinct Caribbean atmosphere due to the historical influx of Jamaican settlers.

This is illustrated in the prevalence of Caribbean cuisine, Rasta reggae music, and Patois being spoken alongside English and Spanish.

However, this ‘Garden of Eden’ has recently attracted people from all over the world resulting in an international mix of cultures reflected in the variety of restaurants!

Far less developed than the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the Caribbean coast is verdant and lush with great tracts of pristine rainforest bordering the spectacular beaches.

The pace of life is ‘tranquilo’ and being surrounded by such tropical beauty lends itself to relaxation and embracing the good life: ‘Pura Vida’.

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