Getting Here

Although a four and half hour drive, the trip from San Jose is varied and interesting. Leaving San Jose, you pass through the magnificent Braulio Carillo National park, 67,000 hectares of mountainous cloud forest with breathtaking views. Leaving the mountains behind, you descend to the Caribbean plain and drive past banana and pineapple plantations stretching to the horizon. Plenty of eateries line the route for a possible lunch stop.

Approaching the port of Limon is marked by the container depots with their sweet smelling cargoes of fruit. At Limon you reach the Caribbean coastline and the landscape changes to one of waving palm trees and rainforest. Following the coast south to Puerto Viejo you pass Cahuita with its famous national park and reef.

At Puerto Viejo you continue along the coast for approximately 3 kilometres when you will reach Margarita Road. Entering, you proceed 1 kilometre inland along this gravel road which is lined with rainforest, tall trees and tropical flowers. When you reach the purple wall of Geckoes your house and we will be waiting for you.

You can find further information on Puerto Viejo by following this link.

If Driving (we advise not to drive in the dark), Detailed Driving Directions can be sent on request: just contact us.

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If you choose to travel by public / private transport to Cocles there are various options:

  • Public bus from San Jose to Puerto Viejo followed by a Taxi to Geckoes.
  • Interbus or Greyline, transfer from San Jose to Geckoes.
  • Private transfer from San Jose to Geckoes.

Just Contact Us for help and/or advice in choosing and/or organising

Transport in Puerto Viejo Area:

Geckoes Lodge is one kilometre from the beach and the main road where
there are supermarkets and restaurants.
Therefore you may appreciate some form of transport.

The following options are available in Puerto Viejo:

  • Bicycles
  • Scooters
  • Quads
  • Motorbikes
  • Taxis
  • Golf carts (for 2 or 4 people)

If you would like a rental car but do not want to drive from San José to Puerto Viejo, most companies will deliver to this area for an added fee.