Whitewater Rafting in Costa Rica

Whitewater Rafting in Costa Rica… Are you brave enough? Well I certainly didn’t think I was brave enough, but then I was told by my ...

11 Aug 2017

Ordinary Life in an Extraordinary Place: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

Ordinary Life in an Extraordinary place: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. I could be said to be living an extraordinary life by living in the rainforest ...

9 Aug 2017

Puerto Viejo Christmas

A Puerto Viejo Christmas is not your traditional Christmas! If Christmas to you is a roaring log fire, snowy landscapes and mainly indoor activities then ...

20 Dec 2015

Romantic Restaurants

We are spoilt for choice with a glut of good restaurants on the Caribbean coast, but which are the most romantic restaurants? On honeymoon, or ...

20 Nov 2015

Caribbean Christmas

If your traditional Christmas is cold and grey and wrapped up in wool, have you ever thought about splashing out and taking a Caribbean Christmas ...

15 Nov 2015

Puerto Viejo: Where to Stay

Puerto Viejo is not ‘just’ Puerto Viejo. The region commonly known as Puerto Viejo is actually made up of 6 different neighbourhoods, set along a ...

17 Oct 2015

Pejivalles or Pejibayes or Peach Palm Fruit

It’s Pejivalles season and all over Costa Rica the air is scented with them as people boil these palm fruits. Whether you know them as ...

29 Sep 2015

Fruit in Costa Rica

If you love fruit, this is the country for you! Fruit in Costa Rica is everywhere… walk down a street and there will be someone ...

15 Sep 2015

Costa Rica Wildlife: Kinkajou

Of course many of us come here for wildlife and Costa Rica wildlife is fascinating: one of my favourites is the Kinkajou. To spot a ...

6 Sep 2015

Golden Orb Spider

Before I moved to Costa Rica, I was terrified of Spiders and if I had seen a Golden Orb spider in the bathroom (or anywhere ...

1 Sep 2015