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Please note that these answers are specific to the Puerto Viejo area.

Do I need malaria prophylaxis for my trip to Geckoes?

No. There is no known malaria on this coast.

Are mosquitoes a problem?

No, there is no need to take any special precautions other than applying some mosquito repellent at sundown. All beds are supplied with mosquito nets and bedrooms have overhead fans.

Does open plan living mean you share your house with unwanted wildlife?

No, the gravel paths around each house are there for a reason as they are unattractive to most wildlife, especially snakes.

What electricity system does Costa Rica use?

110 volts and you can use all appliances with an adapter.

Can I use my Bank card at the ATM in Puerto Viejo?

Yes, provided it is a Visa card. Mastercard can be used in Limon and soon in Puerto Viejo.

Can I use my Credit card in Puerto Viejo shops/restaurants?

Yes, in some, but not in most.

Can you drink the water?

The water at ‘Geckoes’ is safe to drink, but mineral water is provided.

Do you have internet access?

Yes, both houses have WiFi.

Why don’t the houses have a television?

We consider the lack of a television to be a luxury!

Can I use my mobile phone at ‘Geckoes’?

If your mobile works in Costa Rica, it will work at ‘Geckoes’.

Can I store my laptop safely at ‘Geckoes’?

Yes, each bedroom has a digital safe large enough for a laptop.